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Can't find it?

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About Us

Are you a lover of good fragrance? Are you looking for the perfect fragrance for a special date night or something for weekday mornings.  Are you searching for perfumes that would help stand out (in great way)? Do you want something, long lasting and affordable?  If yes you've come to the right place.

Welcome to Love And Desire Fragrances, the long awaited solution to all your perfume needs.

What We Do

We Specialize in selling luxury Arabian perfumes. Whether you are on the look out for the perfect gift for yourself , someone special, or searching for a perfume that would became your holy grail, we've got you covered. 

Why We Came Into Existence

We came into existence to create a store filled with wonderful fragrance and ensure that those fragrances get to you and the rest of the world in the best condition and with the best condition and with the best quality of service. Now you can have your favorite fragrances at most affordable price and with excellent  quality of service. 

Smell Great, Feel Awesome

At Love And Desire Fragrances, we believe in meeting all our customer's needs. For this reason, we have  accumulated some of the most wonderful fragrances to ensure that you smell great and feel awesome. You can count on us for all your perfume needs, we will surely deliver.

Quality Service, Every Time

We are enthusiasts when it comes to excellent service delivery. We believe that every single customer deserves to be satisfied with quality of our product and kind of services we offer. For this reason, we go the extra mile to ensure that you are pleased with us, every single step of the way.

Our past and present successes and dare we say, our future successes are and will be attributed to the high quality of services our customers get from us. Give us a simple trial and you too would be convinced.

The Staff That Truly Care.

We Strive to ensure that you enjoy your shopping experience, every single time. What ever your needs may be, our team of dedicated, hardworking and relentless staff are dedicated to helping you meet them.

Great Price, Great Perfumes, Great Service.... That's Our Promise.

Your Soon to be Number One Perfume Online Store.


We look forward to becoming the go to store for all your perfumes needs, weather it's for men women or unisex perfumes. And yes, we also look forward to your referrals!

What's Your Flavor?

We Know that shopping for perfumes can be anything from daunting to exciting. There are always so many beautiful options to choose from. if that's a concern for you, we are always here to help you, We have a wide range of products from the everyday scent to those you want to save for that special evening.

Want More Variety?

Not to worry, we are forever expanding our fragrances to include something for all tastes in fragrances. We can't wait to awaken your senses with our wonderful collection of Arabian perfumes....and we'll do this one puff at a time!

Welcome once again!